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How online mixing and mastering works?

  1. Select the service that works for you and click “Purchase Now”, you’ll be taken to our order form and then to secure checkout.
  2. Afterwards you’ll be taken to the upload page to upload your tracks. That’s it!
  3. Your song will be mixed and mastered within 3 days. Guaranteed.

How online mixing and mastering works?


Want an idea of what we can do? Check out these samples.

What our clients are saying

“THANK YOU! I am more than satisfied with the products of the song and I am very grateful for the effort and ideas Luiz contributed to my work. Thank you so much! ”

Rivers Ventura

“Luiz takes my music to a higher level. I've been looking for someone to put some color, some magic in my music, and, he brings all these beautiful things. If you are looking for a fast PRO results, he is your guy. And more: he always give a technical feedback to improve YOUR sound. 5 star EVER!”

Gui Tonial

“Matt took my rough track, and truly elevated it to an ‘elite’ level… He displayed much attention to detail, patience, and great communication. I was entirely satisfied with the final product. He even picked up on very small things I missed! You won’t be disappointed if your searching for an elite mix.”


“Matt is the most talented engineer I've ever worked with. His natural ability combined with his professional training and experience is truly remarkable and the fact that he's so patient and down to Earth also makes him super easy and fun to work with. He'll work with you to get the sound you want and you won't be disappointed.”

Krissy Argier

“Well known amongst celebrities, Mr. Costa is amongst the best in the field of music engineering. As a sound engineer, his expertise are critical to the success of an album. Having played such a critical role in award-winning albums distinguishes him from ordinary music producers and sound engineers in Brazil and makes him one of the most solicited sound engineer in the field.”

Elba Ramalho


Do you have your song produced, recorded and mixed and need to get the final polishment so you can deliver it to the world in the best possible quality? Our mastering services can help you to shape your sound in the way that you have it in mind! Essential for single productions. Vital for album and EP productions!!! 1 free revision is included.
Stem Mastering
Do you need some extra refinement on the mix but don’t want to mix the entire song from scratch? Stem mastering is the perfect option for you! By submitting the groups (stems) of your finished mix like drums, strings, synths and vocals our mastering engineer can improve any required group of instruments while still doing the complete mastering on your song!
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Single services

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We take a creative approach to mixing which can be best summed up as “We mix and master your song as if it were our song”.
Meaning, we’ll take the time to mix it as if it were our own song and if we notice any issues or ways we can improve it we’ll let you know.
But basically, professional mixing and mastering includes things like correctly applying pitch correction (Autotune), compression, EQ, reverb, delay and panning to your vocal and instrument tracks.
Mastering includes applying high quality EQ, limiter and compression as well harmonic exciters to the final mix to ensure that your song will sound like industry standard productions.

Our pricing is based on the number of tracks in the song, the more tracks in the song the more time it takes to mix all those tracks. Each package has its own benefits, for example the ICON pack has unlimited revisions and additional versions.

That will depend on the package you’ll choose. In our single services and Advanced pack it includes 1 revision, VIP pack - 3 revisions and ICON pack - UNLIMITED amount revisions.
We’ll do the required changes and send the new version back to you in 2-5 days after receiving your comments.

Each song consists of many tracks: you have the kicks, snares, hi-hats, bass, vocals, synth, piano, etc. Each one of those is called a track.
When we say “16 track mix” we’re referring to mixing 16 separate tracks within the song. In order to make your songs sound their best, we need all those trackouts (usually referred as stems) such as the kicks, snares, hi-hats, bass, vocals and ukulele (can’t forget the ukulele) to be their own separate waveform so we can better mix the entire song.
If you need help exporting your tracks, let us know and we’d be happy to assist you.

It’ll take us up to 3 days to get your song back.

Yes, we work with songs in all languages.

Yes. When you click “purchase now”, on the order form you can select how many songs you want mixed and mastered. Each song counts as a different project and should be purchased separately.

Yes, we got you. We have a list of single services that your can either add to your package or just order one service like “Radio edit”.

We specialize in mixing Hip-hop, Dance, R&B, Rock, Folk, Country, Pop, Reggaeton and Dancehall. Pretty much every genre except Death Metal. Please do not send us Death Metal. 🤣

After your successful payment you’ll get an email from us with the link to upload your files through WeTransfer. If you have any trouble feel free to contact us via email.

Once we’ll send you the link to your final files through WeTransfer you’ll have access to download your files within 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, your project will be automatically deleted.

If you have any questions before payment you can contact us any time by using this contact form.After you upload your files all communications about your project should be made via email so we wouldn’t miss any important information.

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